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Blue Contour Tape is a short-lasting (1-3 days) toupee tape, shaped for ease of application.

Brisk Scalp Freshening Spray with Fungicide and Germicide

Brisk Spray is for cleaning and refreshing the skin of the scalp and can help with the irritation sometimes caused by wearing a hair piece or wig.

Cloth Tape, 3 yards, 1 width

Strong hold only if used with a liquid adhesive. 1" width, 3 yard roll.

Knot My Problem Knot Sealer for Wigs and Hair Pieces

Knot My Problem seals the knots on wigs and hair pieces, ensuring that they last longer.

monotape roll, Trendco, toupee tape

5m toupee tape roll for attaching wigs and hair pieces.

Red Toupee Tape for Short Term Wig and Hair Piece Attachments

Red Toupee Tape is a great short-term adhesive (lasting up to 3 days) for attaching wigs and hair pieces.

Super Solv Adhesive Remover

Super Solv is a hair piece adhesive remover.

Supertape Contoured Strips

Supertape is a strong, long-lasting adhesive for attaching wigs and hair pieces to the scalp. It now comes in contoured strips for ease of application.

Supertape Roll 3 Yards

The Supertape Roll is a 3 yard long roll of discreet wid and hair piece adhesive tape.

Top Guard Skin Protector

Top Guard Skin Protector is a product designed to minimize any irritation you may feel from wearing a wig or hair piece.