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Upstage Wig (Raquel Welch Designer Wigs)

Upstage Wig by Raquel Welch - a Synthetic Monotop Wig with a Lace Front
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Retail Price: £349.00
Online Price: £312.00
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It's always a good idea to pick a wig that has the versatility to look smart when you need it and casual when you want it. The Upstage wig by Raquel Welch is a great example of a smart looking wig that can be worn as part of a casual look as well. The Upstage wig reaches the shoulders of the wearer, where it curves under towards the face, framing it. With a modern side fringe that sweeps over the eye, the Upstage wig makes for an elegant appearance. With the Upstage wig you are not required to wear the fringe over the eyes and face - the natural-looking hairline of the Upstage wig means that the fringe of the Upstage wig can be styled away from the face. Feathering in the side of the Upstage wig's fringe and at the end of the Upstagwe wig's hair ensures that the Upstage wig never looks to severe.


The lace front of the Upstage wig is what gives it it's natural-looking hairline. Lace front wigs like the upstage wigs are known for their natural looking hairline, as the lace vanishes against the skin. With lace front wigs like the Upstage wig, the hairline appears to be growing directly from the scalp, promoting a natural appearance with the Upstage wig. As a lace front with the Upstage wig is also very comfortable. The lace front of the Upstage wig is pre-cut.


The parting of the Upstage wig is equally natural-looking because the upstage wig is a monotop wig. Monotop wigs have had the top of the wig, where the parting is, knotted so that each hair is individually attached to the wig base. The tiny knots used for this are undetectable, so monotop wigs like the Upstage wig have partings that look as if the hair is growign directly from the scalp.


Being a natural-looking synthetic wig means that the Upstage wig is easy to take care of. Synthetic wigs don't loose their shape, so synthetic wigs don't need to be restyled regularly. Since you won't need to restyle the Upstage wig because it is a synthetic wig, you save a lot of time and effort on wig maintenance.


Finally, the Upstage wig is 100% hand knotted, so the Upstage wig is breathable and therefore comfortable.


Designer: Raquel Welch

Style: Bob

Material: Synthetic Hair Fibres

Wig Cap Size: Average

Colour Features: Natural Range


Colour Shown: Rusty Auburn

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