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Lexy Wig (Noriko Designer Wigs)

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Retail Price: £133.00
Online Price: £119.70
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The Lexy wig is a short but highly volumous wig, with lots of layers giving it a rought and ready look. With the layers flipping in and out the Lexy wig has natural movement in the hair. The feathered edges of the wig still manage to make the Lexy wig look femanine, however. The feathering of the Lexy wig's fringe in particular adds a gentle side to the Lext wig. The fringe of the Lexy wig softens the features. Unlike many short wigs, the Lexy wig is longer at the nape than at the front - at the front the Lexy wig is only chin length. This unusal shape again gives the Lexy wig a bold, fiery appearance whilst retaining femininity. The density of the Lexy wig ensures that it is a natural looking wig - it is not thick, as would appear unnatural, but rather replicates finer human hair.


Whilst the Lexy wig looks natural, it is in fact a synthetic wig. Synthetic wigs have many advantages, including being very easy to take care of. Synthetic wigs do not loose their shape, so for those who might be put off at the thought of maintaining this choppy, volumous hair style, do not despair! The Lexy wig - like all synthetic wigs - will hold it's form with only the most basic of care. For those desiring a complex look without the hours of dedication it takes to maintaining them, synthetic wigs like the Lexy wig are the answer. Synthetic wigs of high quality, like those of the Noriko collection (including the Lexy wig) also have a good reputation for durebility.


The Lexy wig also ocmes in several Hybrant Root colours, or root natural colours. These colours are darker at the roots of the hair (or, in the case of synthetic wigs like the Lexy wig, synthetic hair fibres), near to the wig base. This gives the impression that the hair is growing, making the Lexy wig an extremely natural looking wig.


Designer: Rene of Paris

Collection: Noriko

Style: Short and Choppy

Material: Synthetic Hair Fibres

Wig Cap Size: Average

Colour  Features: Normal Range, Gradient Colours

Length: -Crown: 4.4" (11cm) -Fringe: 4.0" (10cm) -Nape: 4.8" (12cm) -Weight: 2.8oz (80g)


Colour Shown: Champagne


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