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Jill Wig (Natural Image Designer Wigs)

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Retail Price: £105.00
Online Price: £95.00
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With such amazing versatility the Jill wig is an option to consider for anyone who wants a short wig. In the picture the Jill wig has been styled into a tousled look, with high-volume spikes that lends the wearer a punky appearance. In this isntance the tousled fringe of the Jill wig falls towards the eyes, but not over them, which framgse the eyes but ensures the fringe won't bother the wearer. The Jill wig's fringe can also be styled to the side as well. The punky appearance isn't for everyone though; however the Jill wig is, because it can be styled effectively for a very different look. One can style the Jill wig down and give it a sleek and more femanine appearance that works just was well.


As a synthetic wig the Jill wig is easy to take care of. Though the Jill wig can be styled wich ever way you like, the basic shape of the Jill wig will not be post because it is a synthetic wig, and if you choose to wear the Jill wig just how it comes then all the maintenance needed is to clean the wig because it is a synthetic wig.


As a Natural Image wig, the Jill wig comes with a Comfort Cap base. This makes the Jill wig breathable, and means that the Jill wig's base is constructed out of soft materials that will be comfortable against the wearers scalp. The Jill wig has adjustable tabs in the wig base, so that you can fit it to the size of your head better, adding and extra layer of comfort and security. The  Jill wig has a petite cap size, so it's suitable for people with smaller headsizes and can even be worn as a children's wig.


Designer: Natural Image Wigs

Style: Short

Material: Synthetic Hair Fibre

Wig Cap Size: Petite

Colour Features: Natural Range

Shown In: Buttered Toast Mist



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