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Erika Wig (Amore Designer Wigs)

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Retail Price: £217.50
Online Price: £195.75
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The simple bob never goes out of style, and with Rene of Paris always staying on trend it's hardly surprising that the brought out the Erika wig, a perfectly sleep wig from the Amore designer wigs collection. The fringe of the Erika wig is short, and therefore falls over the forhead. For the most part, the erin wig is uncomplicated. Some detailing has been added at the bottom of the Erika wig, as the ends of the Erika wig have been thinned out to create a more natural looking end and to detract from the severity of the bob style. The fringe of the Erika wig has also been thinned, for the same reasons.


Monofilament wigs like the Erika wig are great for a natural appearance. Monofilament wigs are wigs that have had each individual hair knotted to the wig base separatly. This method of attaching the hair to the wig base gives the impression of hair growing from the head, so monofilament wigs don't look like wigs at all. Monofolament wigs are also more comfortable, with the knots lying flatter against the scalp because they are smaller. Whereever you part the Erika wig, the illusion of hair growing from the head will remain, because it is a monofilament wig.


As a synthetic wig the Erika wig is bound to be easy to care for. Synthetic wigs don't loose their shape, which means that synthetic wigs don't need restyling. If you leave the Erika wig alone but for the most minimal care, it will continue looking good.


Designer: Rene of Paris

Collection: Amore

Style: Short Bob

Material: Synthetic Hair Fibres

Wig Cap Size: Average

Colour Features: Normal Range

Length: -Crown: 7.5" (19cm) - Fringe: 7.5" (19cm) - Nape: 7.25" (18.5cm) - Weight: 4.1oz (116g)


 Colour Shown: Maple Sugar


Customer Reviews
Excellent wig, mine in Sugar Cane colour not offered on chart. Went sailing in windy conditions without anyone realising it was a wig! Firmly held in place all day with grips specially fitted by Bloomsbury Wis. Delighted with the wig and the service.
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