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Knot My Problem Knot Sealer

Knot My Problem Knot Sealer for Wigs and Hair Pieces
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Volume: 118 ml (4 fl oz)

Application Method: Spray


A great quality wig or hair piece can be an extensive investment, so keeping it in the best possible condition is important. Knot My Problem is an easy-to-use product that helps ensure that your knotted wig or hair piece can last as long as possible. It works by "sealing" the knots of your wig or hair piece. In this way it keeps the hairs knotted to the base of the hair piece for longer and prevents the wig or hair piece from thinning so quickly.


As it is both flexibly and invisible, using Knot My Problem will not affect the comfort or appearance of your wig or hair piece - you can use Knot My Problem without it affecting you in any other way. Knot My Problem is easy to apply - you simply spray the inside of the base of the wig or hair piece and leave it to dry. True Tape (who produce Knot My Problem) recommend two coats, so simply repeat this process again for the vest results.


It should be noted that all wigs and hair pieces will eventually begin to use hair, and will need to be replaced. By taking care of your wig or hair piece by using wig maintenance products like Knot My Problem you extend the life of the wig or hair piece. Knot My Problem is not a suitable product for wefted wigs or hair pieces.

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