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Shannon Wig (Hi-Fashion Designer Wigs)

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Retail Price: £96.50
Online Price: £86.85
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There are short bobs a plenty, but few are as natural-looking as the Shannon wig. Many bob wigs are modern, sleek and severe, but the Shannon wig is casual, textured and highly natural in appearance. The fringe is designed to fall forward over the face, and comes just long enough to brush the eyes (although, of course, the Shannon wig can be restyled at any hairdressers to have a shorter fringe). The fringe is thinned out and appears whispy. The Shannon wig is layered (with longer layers at the back), and it is this that contributes most ot the Shannon wig's textured, natural look. With all these layers, the Shannon wig has plenty of natural movement.


Though the Shannon wig looks extremely natural it is actually a synthetic wig. Synthetic wigs come with some big advantages; for instance synthetic wigs are extremely easy to maintain. The easy maintenance of synthetic wigs comes from the fact that they don't loose their shape. Synthetic wigs do not need to be restyled regularly in order to maintain their original look. Synthetic wigs like the Shannon wig will continue to look good with very little effort.


Designer: Rene of Paris

Collection: Hi-Fashion Designer Wigs Collection

Style: Short Bob

Material: Synthetic Hair Fibre

Wig Cap Size: Average

Colour Features: Normal Range

Length: -Crown: 7.5" (19cm) -Fringe: 4.5" (11.5cm) -Nape: 4.0" (10cm) -Weight: 3.0oz (85g)


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