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Reese Wig (Noriko Designer Wigs)

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Retail Price: £120.00
Online Price: £108.00
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A short, chin length bob, the Reese wig brings originality and forms a modern twist on an old classic style. The short layers at the back of the Reese wig create a cropped, almost pixie-cut effect at the back, leaving a great profile. Longer layers at the front keep the Reese wig in line with the bob style. These longer layers fall in points at the wearers chin, effectively framing the face and continueing the modern, casual theme of the Reese wig's style.  The layers of varyling length create a natural, casual appearance. The long fringe of the Reese wig is worn to one side, further framing the face, but even this has been layered to perfection. At the nape and neck, the layers of the Reese wig are jagged and thinned out, in keeping with the Reese wig's style. From all angles the Reese wig manages to be casual, yet remain elegant.


A style like that of the Reese wig could be challening to maintain - if one was having to style human hair. The Reese wig is a synthetic wig, however, and thus needs very little maintenance in order to keep looking good. The jagged, multi-directional layers that give the Reese wig lift and movement will not loose their shape because the Reese wig is a synthetic wig. The stylish shape that makes the Reese wig so popular takes a minimal level of effort to maintain, making synthetic wigs like the Reese wig a great option for people who want stylish hair without the effort behind it.


The Reese wig comes in a great variety of colours, to suit every possible taste. This variety in options for the Reese wig includes "root natural" colours. Root natural colours are darker at the root, where the hair meets the wig base. This cleverly suggests growth, making wigs in these colours look even more natural.


Designer: Rene of Paris

Collection: Noriko

Style: Short Layered Bob

Material: Synthetic Hair Fibres

Wig Cap Size: Average

Colour Features: Normal Range, Grey Colours, Gradient Colours, Root Natural Colours

Length: -Crown: 6.0" (15cm) -Fringe: 5.0" (12.5cm) -Nape: 4.0" (10cm) -Weight: 2.8oz (78g)


Colour Shown: Almond Spice



Customer Reviews
A really sexy looking wig, very high on the crown. A little too young for me, but would look stunning up to your early forties. This Almond Spice colour is darker than it appears here, but absolutely superbly realistic.
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