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At Bloomsbury of London our human hair is highly regarded as the finest unprocessed cuticle hair available within the industry. Unprocessed hair, as the name suggests, is not subject to any chemical processing or adjustment to alter the hairs natural colour, texture or structure. This is the most prized hair available.


For those demanding the very best hair available in the world- why not select from our extensive collection of unprocessed european ponytails. Our extension service enables the ponytails to be blended to achieve perfect results everytime. Our unprocessed hair, is guaranteed to retain its lustre and appearance, unlike conventional processed hair.


At Bloomsbury of London we also use the most revolutionary light weight fibre options available, providing the performance of human hair. The quality of premium grade synthetic hair has greatly improved in recent years. Industry led hair fibre research has produced synthetics that are virtually undetectable from the real thing. 


One tone fibre colours have been replaced by natural hair colours including multi-tones, highlights, lowlights and root-growth effect.





Long term alopecia sufferers will often prefer the versatility of human hair, allowing compatibility with all hairstyling appliances and practices. Human hair, though more time consuming in maintenance, will be more rewarding for those prepared to spend additional time on grooming. Depending upon the structure of the donors hair, one may have to spend additional time creating the desired look.When purchasing a wig one should clarify the ethnicity of the human hair being used.

Unless specified as being of European (caucasian) origin, it should safely be assumed that the wig hair will be of asian origin (Indian or Chinese generally). Unprocessed, or virgin, european hair with its fine, soft texture is the most expensive of the different ethnic types.

One should expect to pay a considerable premium for long european, caucasian hair. Recent demand from the human hair extension industry has applied further pressure on prices and market supplies.Asian hair is far more easily sourced, available at a substantially reduced price compared to European hair. Altering the dark black pigment requires heavy processing (bleaching and re-colouring) to create more traditional caucasian colour tones. Using an acid bath, the hairs pigment is stripped and the cuticle removed for ease of knotting.

Such processing, used to change to the structure of the hair, has a significant negative impact on the longevity of the hairs condition and life expectancy.Following processing the damaged cuticle is coated with silicon to enhance the finished appearance. Unfortunately, deterioration can occur within 6 weeks with noticeable colour fade and dryness. 

The re-colouring of processed asian hair is possible though not advised. Resulting accuracy with colours can be unpredictable and exposure times will be different to that of normal hair.





The quality of premium grade synthetic hair has greatly improved in recent years. Industry led hair fibre research has produced better synthetics that closely mimic human hair. 

One tone fibre colours have been superseded by natural hair colours including multi-tones, highlights, lowlights and root-growth effect. 

Synthetic wig ranges are generally more extensive in colours and styles than human hair equivalents.
Inexpensive man made synthetics are consistent fibres to work with making large scale production more time and cost effective, compared to human hair.

Synthetic fibre, unlike human hair, has an unchangeable structure. Some wig users find this low maintenance a positive feature since following washing, the fibre will take the identical form to that prior to washing. In contrast to synthetics, human hair requires restyling following each wash since the hair returns to its natural form. 

Man made fibres are not compatible with heat, so hairdressing procedures such as straightening, curling and blow drying are forbidden. Hair product usage is restricted to a small selection of hair fibre products.

It should be noted that for top grade synthetic fibre, the cost will rise with the length of the hair. The premium paid for extra length is however minimal to that which one would be expected to pay for unprocessed Caucasian hair.

Although human hair is rightly considered superior to synthetic options, the very best synthetics, such as kanekalon, will closely mimic human hair providing a good value alternative, at half the price, to processed asian human hair wigs.