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Hair Replacement



At Bloomsbury of London we pride ourselves on offering the best hair replacement options that the industry offers. Our commitment to research and development along with an unrivalled high level of attention to detail ensures our position as industry leaders in non surgical hair replacement.


Bloomsbury of London has access to all the most innovative and technologically advanced hair replacement systems available. This includes all the latest polyurethane (liquid skin), fine lace and mesh (super fine monofilament) systems. The creation of a mould enables us to produce a perfect fit for the scalp replicating the contours and providing a 'second skin' comfort.  


Fine, transparent foundation materials provide a fully natural, undetectable appearance, allowing visibility of the patients underlying scalp skin. Unprocessed human hair or industry-leading synthetic fibre is single knotted to achieve the realism of naturally growing hair. Our fine lace materials create a front hair line appearance of hair growing from the skin at the forehead and temples.


Non-surgical hair replacement is a real option for hair loss whether in the early or more advanced stages. Modern techniques enable the hair to be restored either gradually or rapidly, depending upon client suitability.