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Logan Wig (Amore Designer Wigs)

Retail Price: £207.00
Online Price: £186.30
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The Logan wig from Rene of Paris' Amore collection is cut into a short style, with smooth natural-looking layers. The layers of the Logan wig create a natural movement in the wig. The Logan wig is of a middling density, to ensure a natural appearance - it's not so thin as to leave the scalp to visible, nor is it so thick that appears to cover the scalp entirely and unnaturally.


The Logan wig comes in "petite" size. This is suitable for people wig small head sizes, particularly children.


As a monofilament wig, the Logan wig has had each hair individually attached to the wig base. This is important as it gives the impression that the hair atop the head is growing directly from the scalp of the wig wearer. This then gives the Logan wig an extremely natural appearance. Monofilament wigs are also noted for their comfort.


Double monofilament bases, like the Logan wig, has a further advantage. The parting of the Logan wig can be moved to further personalise the piece, and the illusion of hair growing out of the head will not change.


The Logan wig is a synthetic wig. Synthetic wigs do not loose their shape over time, so the logan wig will retain it's appearance without much maintanence. In this respect it is perfect for children, as they will not need to care for it, and will be able to play freely without having to worry about the wig.


Brand: Rene of Paris

Collection: Amore

Style: Short, Unisex

Material: Synthetic Hair Fibre

Wig Cap Size: Petite (for Children)

Colour Features: Normal Range

Length: - Crown: 5" (12.2cm) , Fringe: 5" (12.2cm), Nape: 2" (5.1cm), Weight: 2.2oz)


logan amore wig on young boy.

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