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Bespoke Wigs


At Bloomsbury of London we've gained a reputation as the leading specialist in hand made bespoke wigs.  By combining our expertise with the latest non surgical attachment methods we have created an unrivalled product that provides a non-intrusive, 24/7 solution. 


Our bespoke systems are personalised, incorporating a range of detailed specifications. Considering all these details, our wigs are designed and hand crafted to your own special requirements.


The creation of a mould enables us to produce a perfect scalp fit, replicating the individuals contours and providing a 'second skin' comfort. Using the lightest, breathable base materials along with single knotted unprocessed european hair, our wigs replicate the hairs natural growth.


Clients are invited to choose their hair from our extensive supplies, or where possible chemotherapy patients may wish to use their own hair when creating their wig.


An experienced stylist will achieve an undetectable finish.