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At Bloomsbury of London we're providing life changing cosmetic solutions for numerous patients affected by a wide range of alopecia conditions. Patients include those with more common hereditary hair loss conditions to alopecia sufferers with debilitating auto-immune (alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis) and scarring alopecia disorders.



At Bloomsbury of London our experience and expertise in hair replacement systems and other solutions such as real hair wigs enables us to successfully carry out more complex cosmetic solutions, regardless of the individuals alopecia condition.



Bloomsbury of London provide cosmetic resources for a number of medical organisations, most notably the Alopecia Society and Alopecia UK. Referrals from these organisations and, more recently, the NHS is testimony to just how highly regarded we are for our expertise within the medical field.We actively offer advice and support for patients seeking full or partial NHS contributions towards non surgical integrated hair replacement systems. Our experience with patient resources and primary care trusts has proved invaluable in preparing successful applications. Alopecia sufferers are invited to meet existing clients with similar conditions to experience our cosmetic procedures first hand. We provide detailed information enabling individuals to make informed decisions